OVER THE WALL – Crete Rock Festival II
28- 29 JULY 2017
Texnopolis Park, Amoudara
No one could have predicted how a small one day festival, headlined by a local band would transform into this monster of a festival!

The second OTW festival took place on July 28-29, 2017 in Texnopolis Park. Its first day was headlined by heavy metal masters, Wolf [SWE] and the second saw the legendary Uriah Heep [UK] returning to Crete after 30 years!

Day I started off with Athenian Pulse R, a band we're sure you'll be hearing a lot about. Their winderful mixture of grundge and metal elements got the blood pumping and prepared us for SixForNine or as we like to call them, the all-star team. Although they are primarily known as the band that saw Fotis Benardo leaving the drums and taking the mic, it took less than a song for the audience to appreciate the incredible musicianship of all members and... get down with the groove!
Over The Wall II

Night descending, it was time for things to get darker and what better soundtrack to this than some quality doom metal. Swedish masters, Memory Garden commanded the stage and took us all on a tour through their doomain... Rumour has it some never left!

Expectations rising, lights out, Wolf take the stage and... Crete never saw it coming! It was the show of a lifetime for many: speed, precision, passion and all things metal in abundance. If you have not seen this band live, you don't know what you're missing and if you were there, we know we'll be seeing you at our fest every year!

To be honest, after the night reached its end, we were all sceptical about what day II would feel like. Our fears dissolved however, the minute Mad Street began their performance. The incredibly charismatic Ian Stratis managed to have the crowd singing along from start to finish of their show. Solitary Sabred from Cyprus went on stage next, epic heavy metal pouring from the speakers, beers flowing and Cretan audience learning what Redemption through Force feels like!

Then, it was time for one of the most anticipated performances of the festival: Wardrum, the power metal gods from Thessaloniki. Words fail to describe how they owned the crowd and their seminal show is still the talk of town on Crete. They completely rocked our worlds although nothing could have prepared us for what was to follow...

Uriah Heep's legendary status means they need no introductions nor require any praise. We knew all this and expected nothing less of a great show, what we got however, was so much more. Picture it: Cretan summer night sky, Mick Box staring at you with his usual smile while you listen to anthems such as Lady in Black, July Morning within the intimacy of a thousand people singing along. Shivers...