We who are
...not as others
Who we are is an eternal question and we are yet to answer it.
However, we know certain things about ourselves and we'll gladly share them with you.

1. We listen to music. Lots and lots of it
2. We love Rock and Metal
3. We consider it something more than a just a music genre
4. We cannot agree on the what that more bit is
5. We love festivals
6. Most of us also love beer. Not all of us however
7. We support all bands, events and all music-related things in any way we can
x. We have a love/hate relatioship with walls

In the city of Heraklion, you are literally born within them and you also know they were built centuries ago for your own protection.

For this reason, we respect and look up to them.

We believe most of us are born within walls and that music helps see beyond them.
Growing up, under them, we realised the limitations they've imposed on us. From then on and now, we wish to overcome them.

We are not revolutionary nor revolutionaries. But we want and strive to be evolutionary; dreamers [sic].
(And this term we owe to a band called Cynic – if you haven't already, you should really listen to them.)

We are OVER THE WALL Cultural Association and we proudly invite you to our festival.