DAY II August 5th 2018

Heraklion, Crete

DIAMOND HEAD called and they want to know: are you evil?

It is a fact, the legends of NWOBHM are coming to town and August the 5th is sure to go down on Cretan history as the day Heavy Metal shook the island!

To make sure of that, we have invited Greek founders of heavy metal,

Spitfire to perform along their side and so much more is yet to come...


With cold beers flowing, Greek summer at its peak, cool people around you and metal pouring from the speakers you may need to think long and hard before you book your return tickets...


To spare you of any other practical thoughts however, we've set the price of day tickets at 24€ - we kid you not!

diamond head

Metal legends Diamond Head are one of the most influential bands of the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) movement. They have countless fans around the world and are often cited by bands such as Metallica and Megadeth, as a major influence. If you think you don't know them, you're wrong!

Their song "Am I Evil?", brought to prominence through a Metallica cover, is considered one of the most recognizable tracks in Heavy Metal. And their greatness doesn't stop here... The band has released 8 studio albums; 2 of which made it to top places in UK charts while all 8 have received great reviews by fans and press alike. Lightning to the Nations is considered one of the best albums of NWOBHM while anthems such as The Prince, Sucking my Love, In the Heat of the Night and Borrowed Time explain why Diamond Head are sure to be teaching us all a few lessons in Heavy Metal.


Spitfire are Greek metal history.

When Spitfire began their journey in 1984 all signs showed that they would make it far. In 1986 they were signed by a global record label (the first Greek metal band to do so) and opening for major acts when their singer had a tragic accident which sent him into a coma and stopped the band in its tracks. Gradually, the band decides to move on and 1990 finds them recording a live album with a different label but misfortune strikes again! And there is more but just like them, let us not dwell in the past!

After their acclaimed Die Fighting album, Spitfire are releasing their new album this year. With a lineup to be envied and countless obstacles overcome, their appearance at OTW III is certain to prove yet again that “the enemies were many, but they vanished one by one. You've got not time to hide, cause you're invited now, to taste the fire!”